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Support for couples in need of a personalized fast-track to recovery.

At our practice, we specialize in helping couples in crisis find their way back to each other through our innovative intensive sessions. 

Our approach combines evidence-based therapeutic modalities with intuitive guidance, providing a powerful alternative to therapy (a process that can take months to years).

Our intensives are designed to be efficient and highly effective, providing tangible improvements.

Image by Justin Follis

Deep Dive Into Partnership

1-Day Intensive
6-Hours (In-person or Virtual)

For Couples Who Need Immediate Results and Are...

- Stuck in a Destructive Cycle
- Facing a Crisis
- On the Brink of Divorce
- Experiencing Emotional Disconnection
- Recovering from Trauma

Transform Your Relationship

2-Day Intensive
12-Hours (In-person or Virtual)

Lisa Marie Anzaldua

Intensives hosted by couples expert, Lisa Anzaldua

Client Testimonials

"We decided to attend the relationship healing intensive with Lisa because my husband and I were both feeling a bit hopeless about our marriage.


We had been struggling with various issues, including trusting each other, misperceiving one another, frequent arguments, instances of dishonesty, and moments of putting each other down. Additionally, we were facing challenges related to finances and intimacy. It felt like we were at a breaking point, unsure if we could overcome these obstacles.

During the intensive, we tackled our main concerns and challenges head-on. We wanted to clarify our goals for our relationship and understand the negative interaction patterns that were causing us distress. 

Lisa helped us identify these patterns and the underlying issues, which often stemmed from past experiences and unmet needs. Through her guidance, we were able to communicate more empathetically and effectively, which deepened our understanding of each other.

Image by Ryan Jacobson

As a result of the sessions, our relationship has transformed in ways we never imagined possible. We now communicate more openly and honestly, and our emotional intimacy has reached new heights.


This intensive therapy has not only saved our marriage but has also changed our lives for the better.


We would recommend Lisa's intensive therapy to any couple facing challenges in their relationship"

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