Meet The Team

Meet the full-time employees of the Couples Recovery Center who make everything run. We're therapists by day and innovators by night. 

Dr. Harry Motro

Executive Director

Building a team dedicated to helping couples has been my dream for many years. Our goal is to create a community that collaborates with and learns from each other.

Rosario Puga-Dempsey

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate Registration Applicant
Supervised by Dr. Harry Motro PsyD, MFC# 53452

Having a trusted colleague to help with a tough problem makes us all feel confident that we can take on the world. There's no challenge that's too big for us together.


If you're interested in joining our team, we'd love to talk to you. Start here.

The main office of Couples Recovery Center is located in the San Jose area. We have a team of amazing couples specialists ready to help with your most important relationship.

3880 South Bascom Ave, Suite 111,  San Jose, CA 95124 


(408) 459-9309

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