Couples Recovery

Institute (CRI)





You finally graduated from your Master's program in counseling psychology - and now what?


Do you think that counseling couples is intriguing but feel afraid


Are you struggling to find a nurturing environment to build your couples skills and get real couples experience?


Becoming a couples therapist is a rewarding way to help others and a great way to build a full practice. If you are seeking a primary internship or wish to supplement another intern location, you are in the right place. 


At the CRC Training Center, we train the next generation of world class couples therapists. 


The main focus of your training will be on couples counseling. In many programs, you may see only a few couples over your entire internship, almost like it's an afterthought (even though couples counseling is one of the highest demand areas in therapy). With the Couples Recovery Center, you will have more opportunities to build your skills with couples.



Your supervisor will be Dr. Harry Motro or one of his colleagues. Dr. Motro has years of dedicated couples therapy experience and teaches Couples Therapy and Family Systems. You can read more about him at


Your hours in supervision can be counted toward Couples Specialist - Level 3 Certification. This offers you a structured curriculum to make sure all areas of couples therapy are covered during your internship experience.


You will receive exposure to Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Imago Therapy, Couples-based CBT, IFS, Gestalt, Family Systems, Gottman and other couples-based approaches. 


Couples bring in every kind of problem (depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, parenting issues, sexual struggles...), you will also build your competence in these areas. Additionally, you will have opportunities to treat individuals so you can meet the training requirements of the BBS.


You will get clients from the overflow of couples seeking counseling from the CRC licensed professionals as well as learn how to market and attract your own clients.


You will share an office that is set up to treat couples (chairs on wheels, whiteboard...) and is conveniently located near major crossroads.


You will learn how to launch your private practice, build your client base, and master the business side of being a therapist. This is an essential area that many interns don't get training in but desperately need.


You will learn how to operate your practice efficiently with a paperless document management process. This will provide you with a hassle-free way to manage your client documentation, billing and insurance records.


You will be part of the development of an on-line tracking system to obtain key treatment metrics so you can continually learn how to improve your skills as a couples therapist.


For clients who express an interest in an integrating their faith into therapy, you will learn how to make spiritual growth part of a positive therapeutic experience.


You will receive fair payment for your services.



  • A caring heart for others, especially struggling couples.

  • A desire to learn and grow every day.

  • A Registered Associate # from the BBS.

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The main office of Couples Recovery Center is located in the San Jose area. We have a team of amazing couples specialists ready to help with your most important relationship.

3880 South Bascom Ave, Suite 111,  San Jose, CA 95124 


(408) 459-9309

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