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Jory Wilson

"Be a man".

That mantra kept generations of men in my family from taking a long look in the mirror and acknowledging that something might be wrong.  


The explicit words were never mentioned, but the meaning was always acutely understood.  The message of those three little words kept fear, sadness, depression, and anxiety on the inside. At the same time, anger, addiction, compulsive behavior, and isolation were on the outside.


After years of suffering in this shadowy isolation, I decided I had to try something different - or I would succumb to the disconnect between my heart and my body.  I would be destined to walk the earth as a shell of myself.

I stepped out of the shadows and into the light… and everything came crumbling down around me. I left my career, my marriage was in flux, and I had no idea where life would take me next. 


That is precisely when I stepped through the doors of the man who would be my guide through the treacherous waters of rebuilding a life.


From that time to now EVERYTHING has changed.  I have obtained freedom from compulsive sexual behavior.  My wife and I are doing better than we’ve ever been.  We’ve welcomed the most precious, fun, and funny little girl into our family unit.  And I have become a guide through the chaotic and terrifying journey of recovery like my therapist, Alex, did for me.


SEX AND SEX ADDICTION: The hidden world of pornography has reshaped how recent generations view sex and sexuality.


Due to the invention of the smartphone, among other technological advancements, what once was considered taboo has become normative in adolescent development.  


Like many aspects of society, what is deemed “normal” does not mean “healthy.”  Children as young as elementary-school-aged are walking around with unfiltered porn machines in their pockets.  High school and college aged individuals are foregoing the pursuit of intimate and sexual relationships in favor of digital, transactional, sex.  Men and women all over the world are finding themselves succumbing to the monster that is sex addiction.  

Like any good monster, sex addiction consumes until there is nothing left.  It does not care about jobs, marriages, hobbies, relationships, or anything else other than feeding its compulsive desire for more… more intensity, more frequent, more destructive, NO MATTER THE COST.  If you are reading this then there is a high likelihood that you are familiar with this kind of monster.

There is HOPE!

The man or woman caught in the web of sex addiction feels like they are drowning and they’re pulling their spouse down with them.


However, there are men and women all across the globe who have discovered the life raft of hope when there seems like there is none.  Healing is possible.  Reconciliation of a fractured marriage IS possible.  


I am one of many hands reaching out from the life raft telling you it is possible to breathe free air again.  It is as true for you now as it was for me several years ago.



  • Sex Addiction

  • Internet Addiction

  • Affair Recovery

  • Trauma

  • OCD



  • Couples

  • Individuals

  • Teens

  • Families

  • Group Therapy


  • IFS (Internal Family Systems)

  • Family Systems

  • EFT (Emotion-Focused Therapy)

  • Person Centered

  • Trauma Informed Therapy


  • ​Registered Associate Marriage Family Therapist, AMFT #145913

  • Supervised by Dr. Harry Motro, LMFT #53452

  • Employed by New Path Couples Therapy Inc.

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