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We share a deep commitment to the following beliefs:

  • Couples therapy is a specialty that requires dedication and training.

  • The whole family matters. All therapists supporting the couple, teens, and other family members should coordinate with each other, using ONE integrated treatment plan that makes sense.

  • ​In the right environment and with genuine effort, all relationships can be healed.

  • You deserve a clear treatment roadmap. 

  • You deserve couples therapy tools so you can extend your healing work to your home.

  • Having a healthy primary relationship will transform your life from misery to joy and fulfillment, and it will be the anchor for your family's well-being.

  • All couples deserve high-quality therapy. We are continually cultivating diversity and inclusion. This includes rich and poor, all cultures, all belief systems, traditional and non-traditional couples and all ethnic backgrounds.

  • People who are uninsured and underemployed can benefit from our affordable therapy program. We offer lower-fee services via our pre-licensed therapists. Most therapists also offer a sliding scale for those in need.

A relationship does not last long because it was destined to be but because two brave people decided to fight for it.

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