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Couples Recovery Center

Relationship Healing Starts Here

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The Couples Recovery Center specializes in providing marriage counseling and couples therapy.


Our dedicated marriage and family therapists (LMFTs and AMFTs) provide support to:

  • improve communications,

  • facilitate affair recovery and address trust issues,

  • support couples in major life transitions,

  • enhance emotional and sexual intimacy, and

  • work with blended families and co-parenting.


We create a warm, welcoming, and confidential environment (through Zoom and in-person) in which couples can grow and change.



We share a deep commitment to the following beliefs:

  • Couples therapy is a specialty that requires intense dedication and training in helping couples. Many of our clients are "refugees" from generalist therapists who listened carefully to their problems but left them uncertain of how to get on a healing path as a couple.

  • The whole family matters. All therapists supporting the couple, teens, and other family members should coordinate with each other, using ONE integrated treatment plan that makes sense.

  • ​In the right environment and with genuine effort, all relationships can be healed.

  • You deserve a clear treatment roadmap. 

  • You deserve couples therapy tools so you can extend your healing work to your home.

  • Having a healthy primary relationship can:

    • move you from emptiness to fulfillment, and 

    • provide a solid foundation for your family's well-being.

  • All couples deserve high-quality therapy. We are continually cultivating diversity and inclusion. This includes rich and poor, all cultures, all belief systems, traditional and non-traditional couples, and all ethnic backgrounds.

  • People who are uninsured and underemployed can benefit from our affordable therapy program. We offer lower-fee services via our pre-licensed therapists. Most therapists also offer a sliding scale for those in need.

A relationship does not last long because it was destined to be but because two brave people decided to fight for it.

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