Bassy is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and a proud team member of Couples Recovery Center which offers high-quality and professional care to clients. Bassy began her helping profession as an occupational therapist working with people of all ages and at all stages of life. She received her education in psychology, marriage and family counseling, occupational therapy, and theology. Her passion is to work with struggling couples and families to find healing, restoration, and renewal in their relationships as well as within self.


Bassy is committed to couples work because marriage is a very sacred relationship which not only builds up two people but also the lives of each family member and the next generation. She believes that healthy marriage is an effective medicine for the brokenness in people. However, many couples do not have the habits, skills, tools, and focus to love, cherish, respect, and honor each other. In the end, couples are stuck in the love-hate and blame-shame cycles which unintentionally drive each other apart.

In couples therapy, Bassy is good at facilitating a process that stirs positive change. In addition to her counseling skills and knowledge, her 20+ years of marriage and parenting experiences enhance her ability to help couples tackle the core issues and explore healthy ways to re-connect and re-discover each other.

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couples relationships

neurodiversity: Asperger's + neurotypical

parent-child conflicts

spiritual formation in couples


Fluent in English and Cantonese



couples and families, adults, adolescents, healthcare workers, church or community leaders



Emotion Focused Therapy, Person-Centered, Neuro-biology, Family Systems, Trauma-informed, Somatic therapy, integrative (holistic) psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavioral.


Registered Associate,  LMFTA #122672

The main office of Couples Recovery Center is located in the San Jose area. We have a team of amazing couples specialists ready to help with your most important relationship.

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