Dr. Harry Motro is the founder/director of Couples Recovery Center, a licensed psychotherapist, a life coach, clinical supervisor and adjunct psychology professor.


As an adjunct professor, Dr. Motro teaches and trains other therapists in couples and family therapy. He has received his doctoral degree in clinical psychology with a research focus on the utilization of couples therapy as an intervention when one or both partners are struggling with depression.


Dr. Motro currently supervises and trains 11 pre-licensed therapists who have graduated Master's psychology program and are seeking to improve their clinical skills. He believes giving back to the profession is an important part being a well-rounded clinician.

Dr. Motro views working with couples as both an art (requiring emotional sensitivity) and a science (using empirically validated approaches). He empowers clients with information, transformative experiences, and a library of couples tools which he and his team have developed. These tools help clients to communicate better, build intimacy in relationships, change habits, understand themselves, heal from trauma, and reconcile past wounds.

As a couples-only therapist, Dr. Motro has the specialized experience that can help you accelerate change in your relationships.

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General Couples Therapy

Affair Recovery

Neurodiverse couples

Families including parenting, co-parenting, blended families, divorce



Couples and Families only



Emotion Focused Therapy, Imago Therapy, Gottman, Person-Centered, Existential, Couples-Based CBT, Behavioral, Internal Family Systems, Experiential, Positive Psychology

The main office of Couples Recovery Center is located in the San Jose area. We have a team of amazing couples specialists ready to help with your most important relationship.

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